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How to Maximize Your Marketing Reach

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Why You Need An Autoresponder For Your Online Business

If you have any experience with selling before you retired than you will be familiar with the concept that it takes at least 7 contacts to convert a prospect into a customer. This concept applies to an online business as well.

When you have an online business you always need to bear in mind that some of your visitors will never return again. You can keep in touch with some of your visitors by capturing their email address and sending them regular emails. In order to do this, you will need an autoresponder.

Autoresponder Services

There are several autoresponder services available that will enable you to create an opt in form for your website (you need this to capture email addresses), build your list of subscribers, send automated emails and send broadcast emails (you can send these whenever you want).

You want to choose an autoresponder service that has high-deliverability rates. The most well-known names are Get Response and Aweber. Both of these services have very high-deliverability rates and you can get started with a monthly plan for around $15.

With autoresponder services you pay for the total number of subscribers that you have. There are thresholds which will move you up to the next level which will cost you more each month. It is very easy to use all of these autoresponder services.

You need a good Incentive

Visitors to your website are not going to provide their email address without a good incentive to do so. Just asking people to sign up for your newsletter is not enough. You need to make them an offer that they cannot refuse.

If you are in the weight loss niche for example you could provide your visitors with a free report that shows them how to lose weight using a secret method. Or you can create a video about something that provides value to the visitor. Just remember that your incentive needs to be enticing enough for the visitor to part with their email address.

Although you are giving something away for free you need to understand that your visitors know that they will end up on your email list and that they will receive emails from you. These days people are on a lot of email lists and receive more emails than they can deal with.

Setup an Automated Sequence

With an autoresponder you can setup a sequence of emails that are automatically sent to anyone who joins your email list. So, you could create 7 emails and load them into your autoresponder and tell it to send these emails in turn every day for a week.

The advantage of this is that you do not need to write and send new emails every time. You can create emails in advance and then load these into your autoresponder and then just let them go out automatically.

Send Broadcast Emails

All autoresponders have a broadcast feature which means that you can send an email out to your entire list whenever you want to. If you have added a new product then you can use broadcast emails to let everyone know about this.

An autoresponder provides you with the opportunity to get your visitors back to your website time and again. You can provide valuable information to your subscribers and promote your products and services to them.

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