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6 ways to help your e-commerce business grow

1. Speed up the site. Make sure your mobile site loads quickly so that your users have a good experience and your SERP rankings go up.

2. Markup your mobile site with schema. This makes it easier for people to find you on mobile search engines. Use product schemas to quickly give interested customers information about a product. Add review and rating schemas to show off customer feedback and help you sell more.

3. Prioritize mobile. More traffic is coming from mobile devices than from desktops, and your site must be properly indexed to be competitive in the SERPs. Have a site that works well on mobile devices and is fully responsive. are there reviews for your products? When a website wants to stand out in SERPs with a lot of competition, reviews on product listings can give it an edge, since positive ratings are known to increase the number of clicks from search results.

4. Optimize your images. By spending money on good product photography and correctly optimizing images with alt tags that focus on keywords, your images have a better chance of showing up in the SERP image packs, which could lead to more clicks to your website.

Pay attention to what your competitors are doing and figure out which types of backlinks they are using the most. By doing what they do, you can grow and build a diverse backlink profile for your site and keep up with the competition.

5. Use emotional triggers like "free shipping" to make people feel like they need to buy now and increase impulse buying. This can work for both people who buy on the spot and people who have been looking into your product and are waiting for a good deal.

Even when people buy something "on the spot," they do at least some preliminary research to compare their options. They might decide on a whim to buy that PS4 on Black Friday, but they might also do a few quick searches to see who has the best deal instead of just buying from the first site they see. Customers will be more likely to buy from you if you post as much clear information as possible.

6. Offer product recommendations on your sites. Use internal links and sections for "featured products" to show visitors other items they might be interested in. This makes it more likely for them to buy more than one thing.

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